Thursday, November 15, 2012

Journey to the Alamo, Part 1

We have been in San Antonio for a full week now, and we're still working on getting all settled in here.  The past month has been a crazy little whirlwind of sorts!

When hubby finally arrived home for good last month to begin his hometown recruiting duty, we quickly fell back into a nice and normal routine.  It also helped a bit that his work schedule was short and easy, only having to work 10a-2p Monday-Thursday for two weeks!  It was then made even easier on him because of how quickly he delivered results and brought in contact information for 5 potential new recruits after his first day of work, when they only expected 8 leads out of him the entire time.

The movers came to pack us up on Monday the 22nd, and they were in and out with everything loaded onto the truck in about 6.5 hours!

When I met with the pre-move inspection guy the week before, he thought we had way too much stuff for the packers to be able to take care of everything in one day and said they'd likely pack on that Monday and then finish some packing & load up the truck on Tuesday.  I thought two days to pack up and load a 1000 sq ft apartment sounded a little crazy, and I was right.  They didn't even need a full 8-hour day, and they even took some breaks in there as well!

Hubby and I then got to spend four nights sleeping on the floor of our largely empty apartment until that Friday when we finally checked out with the property manager and hit the road to Virginia for the wedding of hubby's brother.

We spent over a week in Virginia with family and helping out with wedding preparations over the course of the week.  Our first full day in town that Saturday was when the bachelor and bachelorette parties were held.  For the bachelorette party, us girls got together at an apartment and spent the night in enjoying drinks, games, yummy snack foods, and a wedding movie marathon.  The bachelor party was a longer affair and began with a late morning trip to the shooting range, followed by lunch at Hooter's where my brother-in-law was made to get up in front of the restaurant and spell out "I Love Hooters" with his butt, and ended with an overnight stay in Washington D.C.

Halloween night a bunch of us got together at my mother-in-law's boyfriend's house for a bonfire he holds each year.  The night was spent eating tons of food while hanging out at the end of his driveway in front of two fire pits that were so hot and bright I felt as though I was getting a tan at 9pm.

Lighting of the fires (hubby is on the right)

Our host decided to dress as the Green Lantern (as well as don a horse mask he loves to break out at any and all occasions, including weddings...)

Blurry photo of me, but proof I was there!

The wedding day was the following Saturday on the 3rd, and surprisingly I don't have any pictures of my own from the big day.  I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't snap any shots from their day or get any pics of me and my hubby together, but I suppose it is what it is.

The morning after the wedding, hubby and I said our goodbyes to all of our family, not knowing when we'd get to see them all again, and hit the road to begin our journey to Texas.  As luck would have it, we got a flat tire about an hour down the road that Sunday, and as we hadn't yet replaced our full-sized spare tire from a flat I had a month prior, we had no spare in the car and were delayed a couple hours on our drive back to Georgia in order to get the car towed to get the tire replaced.  The most unfortunate part of this meant we weren't able to get our dogs that night from where we had boarded them and had to wait until the next morning to be reunited with our babies.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of our trip!

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