101 in 1001

This list has been inspired by the blogs of many others and life goals they have set for themselves.  Being the list maker that I am, as well as someone who wants to try and/or accomplish various things, I have decided to create such a list for myself.  Here it goes, in no particular order!

Start Date: August 13, 2011
End Date: May 10, 2014

Items to Complete: 74/101
Items Completed: 27/101

Items that have been crossed out have been completed, and any applicable blog posts will be linked.

Note: I lost my original page that contained all actual dates of completion during a glitch with Blogger in May 2012 and have had to re-create this list.  Thankfully I had the beginning list with my 101 tasks saved in a Word document and simply had to go back through to check off again the items that have been completed, inserting just the month & year of completion for those items where I do not remember the exact date.

Travel & Experiences
(001) Apply for a passport - Done 5/9/12 & Received 5/24/12
(002) Make a world travel map, marking locations visited by the hubby and me - Done 10/4/11
(003) Visit a location outside of the lower 48 states
(004) Learn to ski
(005) Go skydiving
(006) Swim with dolphins
(007) Go parasailing again
(008) Fly somewhere in first class - Done 3/14/12
(009) Go horseback riding
(010) Visit Italy
(011) Go skinny dipping
(012) Find and visit a winery in the state or country we move to for hubby's first duty station
(013) Visit 5 states I've never been to before (2/5)
  • Missouri - October 2011
  • Arizona - November 2011
(014) Go ice skating again
(015) Go to 8 restaurants I've never been to
  • Matt's Steakhouse in Rolla, MO; California Pizza Kitchen in Atlanta, Ga; Mambo Italiano in Norcross, Ga; RA Sushi in Tucson, AZ; The Mash House in Fayetteville, NC; Castle's Kettle and Pub in Blacksburg, VA; Chateau Morrisette in Floyd, VA; Eileen's Bakery & Cafe in Fredericksburg, VA
(016) Visit 26 places I've never been to starting with each letter of the alphabet (6/26)
  • A-The Alamo, C-Casino Del Sol, D-Dobbins AFB, L-(Fort) Leonard Wood, R-The River Walk, W-Washington D.C.
(017) Go sailing
(018) Go to 5 different museums (2/5)
  • Post Museum at Ft. Leonard Wood; Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC

Personal Growth & Education
(019) Enroll in a graduate degree program
(020) Make at least 3 blog posts a week for 4 weeks straight - Done 10/2011
(021) Go to church every week for 4 weeks straight - Done 10/2011
(022) Get CPR certified
(023) Read 10 books I've never read before (7/10)
(024) Read the entire Bible
(025) Take the Wilton cake decorating class
(026) Learn to ride a motorcycle
(027) Maintain this blog for the entire 1001 days
(028) Complete all of the expert level puzzles in my Sudoku phone app - Done 9/2011
(029) Arrive to the office no more than 5 minutes early every day for a week - Done
(030) Complete a full practice GRE test before taking the real thing - Done 8/27/11
(031) Memorize the military's phonetic alphabet - Done 9/2011

Health & Fitness
(032) Complete the C25K training program (4.3/8.3)
(033) Run a 5k
(034) Try yoga
(035) Go a week without weighing myself - Done
(036) Get to my goal weight/size
(037) Try Zumba
(038) Complete Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred
(039) Drink 8 cups of water daily for a month - Done 5/23/12
(040) Take a multivitamin every day for a month - Done 10/2011
(041) Workout before work every day for one week - Done 8/1/12
(042) Go an entire month without eating fast food - Done 9/13/11
(043) Run a 10-minute mile

(044) Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (19/26)
  • A-Act of Valor, B-Burlesque, C-Crazy, Stupid Love, D-Dear John, F-Friends With Benefits, G-Glee The Concert, H-How Do You Know, I-I Don't Know How She Does It, J-Just Go With It, L-Love & Other Drugs, M-Magic Mike, N-Not Another Teen Movie, P-Puss In Boots, R-The Romantics, S-The Social Network, T-Tangled, V-The Vow, W-What's Your Number?, Y-You Again
(045) Move my entire CD collection to iTunes, and back it up - Done 2/2012
(046) Go see a symphony orchestra
(047) Go an entire week without watching TV while at home - Done 11/24/12
(048) Go to the movies by myself three times (1/3)
(049) Go to a concert
(050) Re-watch the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (4/7)
(051) See a Broadway show
(052) Replace all of the movies I still own on VHS with the DVD version

Family & Friends
(053) Finish changing my name everywhere it is needed - Done 8/2012
(054) Begin a family
(055) Go on a picnic with the hubby
(056) Train Saki to do all of the tricks Kiba knows (1/8)
  • Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Roll Over, Play Dead, Shake, High Five, Dance
(057) Actually go on a real honeymoon with the hubby
(058) Find and join a group on base at hubby's first duty station
(059) Make doggie birthday cakes for my dogs each year (1/3) - Done 1/10/12 

Domesticity & Creativity
(060) Create a photo book highlighting our first year of marriage
(061) Successfully grow my own fruits or vegetables
(062) Learn to make 15 new recipes (5/15)
(063) Decorate a tiered cake with fondant
(064) Fix up my violin and practice playing again
(065) Buy a DSLR camera and become better at taking pictures - Camera Purchased 1/8/12 
(066) Learn how to properly sew by hand
(067) (Re)Organize my photo collection - Done 7/22/12
(068) Complete a coloring book
(069) Complete a Project 52 photo challenge (13/52)
(070) Decorate every living space (bedrooms & living room) of our residence with coherent themes
(071) Find a recipe for the perfect buttercream icing
(072) Wash and wax my entire car by myself (i.e. no help from the hubby)
(073) Create a photo book of my college town

Girly/"Me" Time
I'm not the girliest of girls, so these tasks are towards better pampering myself/being more feminine
(074) Get my first ever massage - Done 10/1/11
(075) Get my hair dyed by a professional
(076) Take a bubble bath once a month for 6 months (0/6)
(077) Wear a dress or skirt once a week for four weeks - Done 6/29/12
(078) Wear a different pair of earrings every day for two weeks - Done 9/14/2011
(079) Get a pedicure 10 times (5/10)

(080) Pay off my credit cards
(081) Deposit 5% of our take home pay into our savings account each month once hubby graduates from BCT
(082) Save $1000 using coupons ($920.49/$1000)
(083) Pay off our current car
(084) Earn $250 worth of Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks ($150/$250)

Good Deeds
(085) Donate blood two times (0/2)
(086) Clean out my closet and donate anything I have not worn in over a year - Done 2/2012
(087) Pay for the order of the person behind me in the drive thru
(088) Tip a great server 50%
(089) Donate 10,000 grains of rice at http://freerice.com - Done
(090) Participate in a benefit walk
(091) Donate $5 to an organization for every item I do not accomplish

(092) Buy a brand new car (current year model)
(093) Not log into Facebook for an entire week
(094) Not use my computer for entire weekend while at home
(095) Buy an entire new bedroom suite
(096) Buy a new desktop computer
(097) Stop playing Farmville and block the application - Done 8/25/11
(098) Convert any old handouts and notes from college I may have to electronic form - Done 2/27/12
(099) Go seven straight days without consuming cheese, my favorite food (0/7)
(100) Organize all of the files on my work computer before we move away - Done 2/2012
(101) Vote in the next Presidential election - Done 10/17/12 (early voting)

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