About Me
I'm Andrea, and I'm a late-20-something Army wife who is married to my best friend.  I am a graduate of the University of Georgia and am currently have a job doing accounting, purchasing, and payroll/HR work.  I hope to return to school and get my master's degree some day, though I'm still unsure what exactly I would like to study.  I love good wines, college football (obviously the Georgia Bulldogs, in particular), baking, couponing, traveling, and am slowly working on trying to become a better photographer.

About Him
Hubby, who is also a UGA alum, recently joined the Army and left for basic training at the beginning of August 2011.  After some time of ups and downs with jobs in the past, he's finally found something he really enjoys and currently plans on making a career out of it.  Interests of his include video games, comedy shows, and visiting local microbreweries to enjoy his appreciation of well-crafted beer.

About Us
Hubby and I met back in 2004 while both working together in college, where our work relationship quickly developed into a good friendship that had us spending a lot of time hanging out together outside of work.  After being friends for a few years (and after we no longer worked together), we eventually began dating in 2007 and quickly fell in love.

We were married on April 1st, 2011 in a small ceremony.  It wasn't the big winery wedding we had both been hoping for, but it was still great nonetheless, as all of the waiting to become husband and wife was finally over.

We may still have the big wedding of our dreams in the form of a renewal ceremony & reception one day in the next year or two once things settle down a little and we're better able to plan things, but right now we're just so happy to be married that it really doesn't matter all that much to us.
We're the proud parents of three fur-babies -- two dogs and a cat.

Kiba, Chandler, and Saki

We do not have any children of the human variety as of yet, however we are very excited for when that day comes.

Currently we're still living apart from each other, as he went straight from basic training to AIT, then on TDY for a few weeks, immediately followed by his first deployment.  He should be returning home from deployment sometime this fall, and at that time we'll finally be reunited for an extended period as we go through our first PCS experience.  So basically just about everything you can experience in military life, we will have gone through over the course of just over a year!

This blog has been created as a way to share all of the new experiences and adventures our little family has with everyone else, especially as we journey through this new world of military life.