Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Delivery

Before my husband left for basic, he arranged some surprises for me to receive while he's gone... just some sweet little things to show he loves me in hopes that I won't miss him as much.  But of course they just make me miss him more!  The main thing he has done is have a vase of flowers delivered to me at my office every Monday since he first left.  They've all be beautiful arrangements, but this week's was the first fall-ish looking one and has the cutest little baby pumpkins in the arrangement, so I just had to share!

Of course weekly deliveries while he's in basic means I'll come out of this with 9 or 10 new vases, which is much more than any normal person needs!  But I'm planning on bringing most of them back to the florist when it's over so they can reuse them.  I've been told that my one BIG surprise is coming this Saturday! :) All the hubby told me before he left was it'll take several hours, is in the city where we live, and to just keep the entire day open until I get a call with all of the details this week.  I cannot wait!

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