Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Long and Tiring Week

This has been one of those weeks where the days at work are incredibly long and I am left so tired and frustrated by the time I get home that I want nothing else than to unwind in front of the TV with a big ole plate of pasta and a glass full of wine.  In fact, that is exactly what I am doing this evening!

Monday was the first day of fall semester at the university, so everything in town has become absolutely crazy with increased traffic this entire week.  Yesterday, I had to go to the pet store after work to pick up a new bag of dog food, and it took me 30 minutes to drive to the pet store that is all of 2.5 miles away from my office!  It was insane!

Today at work, I spent about 90% of my 8-hour day using and staring at Word and a handbook I'm currently working on completely redoing, as the original document I was reviewing for accuracy was driving me crazy with its lack of consistency with regards to its formatting (headings, spacing, etc.).  At one point when the handbook was first created, I imagine it was decently formatted, albeit simple with no table of contents.  And then over the years as various people have edited it, they just randomly typed in however they saw fit in the moment and consistency went right out the window.

For most of the week, it has felt like each day is one day later than it actually is... I spent most of yesterday reminding myself it was just Wednesday and not yet Thursday.

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday!  The only downside to the day is it will be two hours longer than usual for me as I have to attend a meeting that doesn't begin until just after I'm usually out of the office for the day.  But at least it will be Friday!

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