Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Love My Soldier

I just returned home from spending the last four days in Missouri to see my husband for the first time in over two months as he graduated from BCT at Fort Leonard Wood.  Family Day was on Wednesday, and that moment when we first saw each other was wonderful.  They were all lined up in formation by platoon outside of the theater where we had our brief, and I spotted him in the middle of the front row of his platoon, and I could feel my face light up instantly.

The hubby is front and center
Once the DS released them, my hubby's straight soldier face changed into this huge grin, and he and I immediately ran towards each other and found ourselves in the best embrace.  Not being able to hold hands as we walked was so difficult for me, as we're one of those couples who holds hands most of the time when walking out and about (silly no PDA while in uniform in public rule).  The time he and I had together was amazing though!

Thursday was graduation day, and my hubby was nominated to be the soldier from the company to narrate the ceremony, so I got to hear his voice and see him on stage the entire time.  He told me about this on Tuesday night when they finally got their phones back for good, and he was so incredibly nervous about this duty, but he did a terrific job!  I was so proud of him.

After the ceremony, they exited the theater and we were able to meet up with them again after they were released from formation by their DS.  During this time we got a picture of him with his DS, and I also was able to meet some of the women who I had become friends with on Facebook who had sons in my husband's platoon.

Although our time together over those two days was not nearly enough, we enjoyed finally getting to see each other so much!  And we're very thankful he now has his phone back as he journeys to his new base for AIT -- he and I spent all of yesterday and all of today texting each other (with phone calls sprinkled in) as he sits on the long bus ride out to his new post.  We're very excited about the upcoming holidays and Thanksgiving being just over a month away, as I'm planning on flying out to see him if he's getting the long weekend pass his new base usually gives to soldiers still in training.

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