Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blissful Relaxation

I'm usually a pretty frugal person and am not one to spend money freely on wants.  I'll go and look at whatever it is I may want, but usually end up talking myself out of the purchase in the end.  So when my husband told me that he had earmarked several hundred dollars (that we didn't have at the time) to spend on surprises for me while he's gone in basic, my heart about stopped for a few seconds.  He of course wouldn't tell me what any of the surprises were going to be, as he very much enjoys keeping me in suspense as he knows I cannot stand knowing that something is coming but have no idea what it is.

He told me to keep today open as I would be going somewhere to do something for several hours, and they would call me a couple days ahead of time to let me know where to go and when.  He wouldn't give me any real hint as to what the surprise would be, but just said that it is something I've hinted at before and would really enjoy, but would never spend the money on myself.

Today I got to spend several hours at the spa getting pampered from head to toe.  I got a facial, manicure & pedicure, and my absolute favorite, a massage.  I so could have fallen asleep during the massage!  The only disappointing part of the day was not having my husband to go home to afterwards.  Now I'm even more excited to see him in a week and a half so I can really thank him for arranging this day for me!

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