Monday, November 21, 2011

The Loss of a Legend

The Bulldog Nation lost a great one last night with the passing of our legendary former announcer, Larry Munson.  He was an unapologetic Bulldog fan who threw objective play calling to the wind, and opted to call it as he saw it.  He was generally pessimistic in his calling of our games, except for the moments when amazing plays were made and points were scored, at which times his noted and widely quoted remarks would become forever etched in the minds of the Bulldog faithful.  You will forever be missed Larry!
"Glory glory to old Georgia.  Heroes have graced the field before you, men with the hearts, bodies, and minds of which the entire bulldog nation can be justifiably proud.  A tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century.  And now a new breed of bulldog stands ready to take the field of battle; to assume the reigns of their Georgia forbearers and continue that tradition understanding that there is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia.  As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges, let all the bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black with two words.  Two simple words, which express the sentiments of the entire bulldog nation: GO DAWGS!" – Larry Munson

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