Friday, April 6, 2012

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #70

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1. What's one thing in the past month you would have changed?  I would have taken my car elsewhere for its scheduled maintenance service last week in hopes that I wouldn't keep getting the run around from the guys in the service department -- yesterday marked the 4th time in the past week I had been in to see them.  Went last week for my scheduled inspection, and then had to go back in on Monday because my service engine light came on when hubby and I were driving around this weekend, then scheduled an appointment for Wednesday to have them fix what they didn't catch during last week's inspection, and then went back again on Thursday so they could fix the de-programming they did to some of the on board computer features that display on my instrument panel (i.e. read outs for outside temp, miles left on my gas tank, mpg, etc.) when they reset my service engine light.  I'm just thankful we're getting this all ironed out before hubby leaves so he can at least call up the service department and chew them a new one when they screw things up.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in March?  Other than getting time with my husband myself, seeing the reaction of our two dogs when they got to see him again last week for the first time in three months.  The look of excitement in their faces was just priceless.

3. Check your phone... who was the last person you called and what is your favorite thing about them?  Shouldn't be much of a shocker here, but the last person I called was my husband.  I love just about everything about him!  I guess some of my favorite things are how he knows exactly what to do to cheer me up when I'm down, how he's the kind of person who has never met a stranger (helps to offset my shyness around new people), and just how protective he is of me and likes to make sure I'm taken care of.

4. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?  Some shade of blue, probably because it's my favorite color.  I just love how calming it is.

5. What are you looking forward to in April?  My husband finally beginning his deployment -- the sooner it begins, the sooner it will end, which means the sooner we'll finally be reunited and living together again.


  1. You are definitely making a good military wife by just wanting him to leave already so he can come back!

  2. I feel you on wanting the deployment to begin. My hubby leaves in May, and as much as I'm doing my best to enjoy every moment we have as a family before he leaves… the sooner he goes, the sooner it'll be over. Good luck, lady!! I'll be thinking of you!

  3. Good luck on deployment. I totally understand how you feel about wanting it to start so it can be over!

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