Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project 52: Week 11

Week 11 Theme: Anniversary

As the celebration of our anniversary didn't exactly lend itself to the taking of many pictures, this week's Project 52 selection is a little slimmer.

While tradition is that you are supposed to eat the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary, hubby and I decided to do things our own way and instead actually ate the top tier of our cake together at home right after our wedding.  We had decided we thoroughly wanted to enjoy our anniversary cake and decided to get the top tier of our cake replicated.  Our actual wedding cake top tier looked better than this one (better decorated and also wasn't leaning due to shifting on a 5 hour car ride), but it tasted exactly the same!

When hubby and I got married last year, it was a rather small ceremony/celebration with about 25 guests that we planned fairly quickly because we found the perfect date that we just loved and didn't want to wait any longer in order to get our "dream" wedding.

Quick story about our April Fool's Day wedding date: I had always wanted a springtime wedding, sometime between mid-March and mid-May.  We had then decided when we first started talking about getting married a couple years ago that we wanted a Friday wedding.  Then one of my old co-workers had told me about a friend of hers who had a surprise wedding the evening of what was supposed to be an engagement party, because she and her guy didn't want to wait and deal with the whole planning ordeal and the headaches that often come.  I thought that was a great idea that hubby and I actually toyed around with for a little while, for simplicity's sake.  Then another co-worker of mine noticed that April Fool's Day was going to be on a Friday last year and suggested that date knowing my husband's love of humor and jokes.  I suggested the idea to my hubby, and he LOVED it.  Originally we were hoping to do the whole big traditional wedding on this day, but after some tough times with his job situation at the time, we couldn't move forward with our plans for the North Georgia vineyard wedding we had wanted.  In January of last year we began talking more seriously about how we didn't want to wait any longer and didn't want to lose this perfect date, so we decided to just go for it and planned our small, intimate ceremony.  Several people thought we were trying to pull an April Fool's Day joke until they saw that we actually went through with it, which we found hilarious.

Since it was so small and quickly arranged, we never created a registry, as we asked people's gifts to us simply be their presence in helping us to celebrate this special day.  Well, a year later we now have a registry thanks to my step-mother-in-law who insisted that she wanted to buy us some nice china or other nice registry type item for our anniversary, and coerced us into creating a full registry after about two weeks of persistence and not wanting to listen when we told her that we don't need anything.  After we created a small registry at Macy's, she immediately made a purchase, and then sent an email to the rest of my husband's side of the family with a link to our registry.  Over the span of two weeks, we received many gifts and my spare bedroom now looks like a department store threw up in it.  So now one of my first big projects to tackle when hubby heads out and I'm no longer running around like crazy and heading out of town each weekend will be to incorporate all of these items into my kitchen and get rid of a lot of our old mismatched items that we still own from our college days.

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