Monday, April 2, 2012

One Year

Yesterday was hubby's and my one year wedding anniversary (yep, April Fool's Day).  While it has sucked to no end having to spend 2/3 of the year away from him, it has still be great being his wife throughout this time.

I went to see him this weekend now that he's only a 5-hour car ride away from me for a few weeks before deploying.  Our two dogs came with me on the drive so they could see daddy before he leaves, and their reactions when they saw him were priceless!  We were expecting a big reaction out of them when hubby came home for Christmas, however while they were happy they definitely weren't over the top excited.  Well, this time around we got the reaction we had been looking for then.  When hubby got into the car, Kiba immediately jumped up into the front seat and made her way into his lap, while Saki tried to leap over hubby's shoulder and just started licking the side of his face.  They were beyond ecstatic to see their daddy again for the first time in three months.

As a whole, we kept our anniversary weekend pretty low key.  We had planned on going to a pet-friendly family 5k walk/run on base Saturday morning, but upon waking up we discovered it was raining fairly steadily outside and decide to nix that idea.  Not only did we not want to have two wet pups to deal with, but we also didn't care to deal with that whole mess ourselves either.  Instead we opted for running some errands at the PX, picking up some yummy Chick-fil-a for lunch, and then went to see The Hunger Games.

We both started hearing a lot of buzz about the books around Christmas, and then when all of the hype about the movie release began we both became rather curious about the series.  Hubby nabbed some copies of the e-book version of the series for us to start reading, and then we decided to go ahead and see the movie this weekend (even though we were both only about 5 chapters into the first book).  We really liked the movie and are now super excited to finish reading the book (along with the rest of the series), since the book is always better than the movie.

For our anniversary dinner, we kept it casual and tried a local brewery & chophouse restaurant in town that many people had recommended.  We didn't receive the best service by any means, but the food was all really good.  Hubby got a nice filet that he said was seasoned & cooked perfectly, and I got a lobster mac & cheese dish that was heavenly!  It was made with an asiago & brie cream sauce, mixed with lobster, bacon, & grape tomatoes, and topped with panko breadcrumbs & parmesan.  OMG I could eat that dish every day!  We then headed back to our room where some cake and wine were waiting for us.  Instead of saving the top tier of our wedding cake, we decided to go ahead and eat it last year and then have a replica made to eat this year for our anniversary so it would be nice and fresh.  So we both enjoyed a couple slices of the cake along with a bottle of sparkling wine we had saved from our wedding to have on this occasion.

It definitely wasn't a super exciting weekend or anything, but as always it was nice to have the time together.  And I'm heading back his way this weekend to pick him up before ultimately ending up in Virginia for a couple days to see some of his family, which we're both really looking forward to (these are my awesome in-laws who have always been very supportive of us with everything we've ever done).

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