Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Babies

We have a habit of spoiling our dogs.  If we're ever faced with a decision as to whether to spend money on ourselves or our dogs, the dogs always win.  This also means that when it comes to their birthdays, they receive top-notch treatment.

As a whole we're pretty strict with the diets of our pets.  We pay more money to get them higher quality food, they receive treats on occasion and not every day (or even every other day), and very rarely do they get fed any sort of people food.  The one big exception to the people food rule is for their birthdays.  Ever since Kiba's first birthday, our "kids" have received a tasty dinner to celebrate the yearly milestone.  The dogs receive beef in the form of some nice stew meat or some steak, lightly seared and cut-up into bite size pieces, and the cat receives some tuna fish.

Saki's birthday was two weeks ago and our little boy turned 1, and Kiba's 5th birthday is today.  I have recently decided I also want to make them a little birthday cake each year as an added treat.  I found a website with some recipes for cakes for dogs that are okay for them to eat, containing mostly natural ingredients so they aren't eating a lot of processed and refined foods.

Since they received their steak dinner two weeks ago on Saki's birthday, I decided to make and give them their birthday cake today on Kiba's birthday and whipped up the Peanut Butter Delight cake into cupcakes.  The entire time the cakes were baking in the oven, Kiba was never more than a few feet away, just hoping I'd go ahead and give her some of the peanut buttery goodness she could smell in the kitchen, and the dogs absolutely loved it when the cakes were cool enough to eat and gobbled them up quickly.  Not a single crumb was left behind!

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