Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Template

Over these last several days, when I haven't been busy slowly cleaning up the disaster that is our home or learning the ins and outs of my new camera, I've been working on creating a new template for this blog.  I made a few tweaks to the code of my current template back when I first published it, but for the most part it is still largely based on one of the standard Blogger templates.  This time around, I'm doing a lot more editing to all of the coding and doing more work to manipulate the HTML and CSS to create the layout and backgrounds I want, as well as having some more fun playing with Photoshop to create a new header and buttons to link to my pages.  I'm hoping to get all of the coding squared away and then imported into this blog by the end of this weekend, assuming I don't accidentally do something to completely wipe out all of my content.  Stay tuned!

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