Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project 52

One of the items on my 101 in 1001 list has been to complete a 365 day photo challenge.  After viewing the photo challenge Ashley over at Love From Home has started, I have decide to change my task to complete a Project 52 photo challenge instead.  This task entails taking pictures related to various themes each week, rather than each day.

I would still like to complete a 365 day photo challenge one day, but I am thinking that I will save it for the day when I eventually become pregnant and have a baby and do it to document every day of my child's first year of life.  And since only God knows when that day will be and for all I know it might or might not fall inside of the parameters of my 101 in 1001 project, I have decided to make this change to my 101 list.

My plan is to take the pictures during the week listed below for each theme, and then share the relevant photos each Tuesday following the end of the week of the theme.  The themes I have set for myself have been inspired by a variety of lists I have found online, as well as some of my own ideas/desires.  I am hoping that this process will allow me to also become a better photographer while learning the various aspects of my new DSLR (though I'm sure some shots taken with my iPhone will also creep their way into this project too since my phone is perpetually glued to me, unlike the camera).

My weekly theme assignments are:

Jan 22-28: Nature
Jan 29-Feb 4: Architecture
Feb 5-11: Animals
Feb 12-18: Love
Feb 19-25: Comfort
Feb 26-Mar 3: Temptation
Mar 4-10: Work
Mar 11-17: Sunrises & Sunsets
Mar 18-24: Season Change-Spring
Mar 25-31: Sleep
Apr 1-7: Anniversary
Apr 8-14: Technology
Apr 15-21: Blue
Apr 22-28: Explore
Apr 29-May 5: Peace
May 6-12: Home
May 13-19: Shadows
May 20-26: Books
May 27-June 2: Fun
June 3-9: Toys
June 10-16: Clothes
June 17-23: Season Change-Summer
June 24-30: Green
July 1-7: Red, White, & Blue
July 8-14: Movement
July 15-21: Hot
July 22-28: Water
July 29-Aug 4: Sky
Aug 5-11: Beauty
Aug 12-18: Movies
Aug 19-25: Letters
Aug 26-Sept 1: Texture
Sept 2-8: Red
Sept 9-15: Town
Sept 16-22: Season Change-Fall
Sept 23-29: Spirit
Sept 30-Oct 6: Eyes
Oct 7-13: Five
Oct 14-20: Birthday
Oct 21-27: Orange
Oct 28-Nov 3: Family
Nov 4-10: Old
Nov 11-17: Reflection
Nov 18-24: Quiet
Nov 25-Dec 1: Thankful
Dec 2-8: Sunrises & Sunsets
Dec 9-15: Sweets
Dec 16-22: Season Change-Winter
Dec 23-29: Holidays
Dec 30-Jan 5: New Beginnings
Jan 6-12: Birthday
Jan 13-19: Small

Look for week one's image(s) next Tuesday!


  1. What a great idea! I so wish I would have found your blog sooner ~ I would have loved to join you in this project!! Lol, now I'm sitting here thinking if I could just start now or if I could catch up! Hmmm... :)

    1. You can always begin your own at any time of the year! The one I got inspiration from was already a couple weeks into her project when I decided to begin mine. I've fallen behind these last couple weeks as I've been kind of distracted with my husband's deployment, but I hope to catch back up here soon! When I began my project, I looked at theme lists that others had used and then combined themes from them with ones I had come up with for certain times of the year in order to make my list my own.