Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear New Neighbor

Dear New Neighbor,

I know that you've seen me outside quite a bit over the last several days taking care of my car, but I promise I'm not completely obsessed with it.  Washing it twice within one week never happens (twice within one month doesn't even happen -- but shh, don't tell my husband).  I just kind of screwed up on my washing job on Saturday and missed some spots, so the OCD side of me felt the need to re-wash it today so it looks uniformly sparkly clean underneath the layers of pollen.  And vacuuming and cleaning the interior unfortunately (for her) happens even less often.  So please don't think I'm some odd chic who you're going to have to deal with seeing outside all the time.  I really do love my car, but I'm not enthusiastic enough to keep this cleaning cycle up every week.

Just be glad I'm not using my husband's car cleaning schedule, because he would be outside washing, AND waxing, her every week.



P.S. My dogs are SUPER friendly, so please do not be alarmed if one of them gets away from me and comes to greet you.  They love people very much.

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