Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Old Do You Think I Am?

"What are you doing drinking coffee at OUR age?"

"How did you land a job working in the office?"

These questions were just asked to me by two 21 year-old students who came by the office for a little bit to get some assistance.  Apparently they do not realize I'm 28 years old, but rather believe I'm around 22 or 23.

I have come to believe that most people who work in my department think I'm a good 4-5 years younger than I actually am.  I've actually asked people with whom I work how old they think I am after they've made comments about me being really young, and usually receive shocked looks when I tell them I'm actually in my late twenties.

I know it's usually a compliment for a woman to be mistaken for being younger than she is, but at this point in my life I'm proud of being the age I am and no longer college aged.  Getting older doesn't scare me, as with age comes more experiences, and I love getting to experience new things.

Unlike others I know who have cried over leaving their twenties behind them, I am not the least bit fearful of turning 30 in a year and a half.  The only thing that worries me about turning 30 is how much of a hard time my husband is going to give me about it, as I'm nine months older than he is, so he'll still be 29 when I hit my thirties.  And the man LOVES to rub in the fact that I am older than he is.


  1. I totally get this post. Fortunately the 'I can't believe how young you are' comments have slowed down for me. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! My husband is around 7 months younger than me and I swear he never lets me forget that. :) Gotta love them huh?