Friday, June 1, 2012

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #72

1. What's one thing in the past month you would have changed?  I would have done a better job at occupying myself.  This deployment and continual time away from my husband has really taken its toll on me this past month, and I haven't been the happiest of people.

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in May?  Getting packages from my hubby with items he's purchased on this deployment.  One of my favorite things about receiving the packages was simply getting to see his handwriting on the address label.

3. June includes the first day of summer... what are your plans for the summer?  I don't really have anything exciting planned, other than the continual task of getting ready and waiting for our PCS at the end of the summer/early fall.  My step-MIL really wants me to drive up to Virginia to celebrate July 4th with her and my brother- & sister-in-law, so if I'm able to arrange the time off work without having to use much leave time, I may make that trip (I'm trying to save as much of my annual leave time as possible because any time I have remaining when I leave my job will be paid out to me in a bonus paycheck, which will definitely come in handy post-move when I'm trying to find a new job).

4. Do you use the services on base (gym, financial planning, family services, daycare)? And if so, what's your favorite one?  Since the Army decided to deploy my husband immediately after he finished training and we have still yet to PCS to my husband's first duty station, I do not currently have easy access to any base amenities.  The nearest base is an AFB about 1.5 hours away from me.  I'm excited to check out all of the available services once we move though!

5. What are you looking forward to in June?  My town's annual music festival is later this month and might be worth checking out one last time (we have a pretty decent music scene -- after all, REM and The B-52's got their starts here).  There is another thing I am REALLY excited about, but I'm not going to share the details quite yet...

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  1. Definitely take advantage of base services when you can before life takes over. I was so busy working full time and taking care of the kids that I forgot about all of the resources out there. Deployments are tough! I would send you a virtual chocolate chip cookie if I could :) Alma