Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deployment Countdown

Before we had even learned of the deployment my husband is currently on, I had seen and read about different ways spouses will countdown the days in deployments.  One of the ways I saw that I liked the best is this one I found on Pinterest.

It uses two glass containers, with stones inside to indicate the number of days that have passed and the number of days remaining.  I liked this idea because it is something that can be dressed up a little bit and serve as additional decor for the home.

Since I have TONS of extra vases around the house from flower deliveries I received while my husband was in basic, I decided to re-purpose two of them and turn them into my own "days down" and "days to go" jars.

I picked up some red & clear/white stones at Michaels and quickly counted out the number I needed.  I had also purchased some sticker letters to place on the front of the vases with the words "Days Down" and "Days To Go" to match my inspiration picture, however I decided to wait to do this until deployment #2, which will inevitably be longer whenever it rolls around and likely require larger containers.

We're quickly approaching the two-month mark into the deployment, and this past weekend I found out that my husband's time there has been extended for another month, so on Saturday I got to add in another 30 stones to my "days to go" vase.  I was not too terribly happy about that of course, though I had a strong feeling it would likely happen.  At least now with his official return/new PCS orders being cut, hopefully it'll be easier knowing the "official" ballpark return date.  I just hope they're able to actually get him out of there roughly around the target date and that it isn't delayed too much more.


  1. That's a cute idea! I'm sorry his deployment got extended. Hopefully they won't extend it any more.

  2. This is cute, but after dealing with a deployment getting extended during the 'final' 2 weeks, this just wouldn't work for me.