Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Ready and Wait

Most anyone who has any sort of association with the military has heard of the phrase "hurry up and wait".  I read on a blog post one day not too long ago where someone said rather than "hurry up and wait," she likes to use the phrase "get ready and wait", since it sounds a little more positive and proactive.  Well, that is precisely what my husband and I are doing now concerning our expected move next month.  Getting ready and waiting.

After getting the official orders for our move to Texas just before Christmas, we were excited to start prepping for our move and to finally get out of the town that we've lived in the for the better part of a decade.  I had begun the process of cleaning up and cleaning out our apartment to slim down on things we no longer really need or want so we have less clutter to deal with for the move.  I had started doing research online to scout out places to check out when we arrive there for housing.  And I had cut back dramatically on our debt-reducing plan to save as much money as possible to prepare for having to survive living off of only one income for a period of time post-move until I am able to find a new job.

Turns out, our plans could be changing.  We found out a couple weeks ago that there is a chance that our move could be delayed until the fall, as my husband could possibly end up going on a short-term deployment shortly after he graduates AIT, which would delay our move until his return.  The really sucky part is we won't find out if we'll be moving or he'll be deploying until less than a week before he graduates.  So right now I have to continue preparing as though we'll be moving in just over 4 weeks, while dealing with the fact that we could end up having to cancel it with about a week's notice (as well as then book a very last minute trip for me to fly out to see him for his graduation and extended weekend pass he would then receive as a result of this change so we can get in as much time together pre-deployment as the Army will let us).

Thankfully my job is extremely understanding about my situation and will work with me to where if we don't move when expected, I'll be able to keep my job until we do actually move.  The biggest positive we have found to tell ourselves to help deal with the stress of the uncertainty we're facing is the fact that one way or another, we should be able to be together for our first wedding anniversary on April 1st.  Either we'll be living together again, or he will be at a base back here on the east coast to prep for deployment, close enough to where I'll be able to drive and see him on the weekends he would be there before shipping out.

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