Friday, February 3, 2012

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #68

This is my first time participating in the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In, hosted by Wife of a Sailor.  Starting this week, this link-up will be a once a month survey posted by Wifey @ Wife of a Sailor the first Friday of each month.

1. What is your favorite winter memory?  Seeing my oldest dog's reaction to seeing snow for the first time and how much she loved running/hopping around in it.  We actually made a video of her playing in it because we just loved her reaction so much (our cat also got to experience it as well, even though we never usually let him outside the house).

2. What is your current favorite TV show?  Overall I haven't enjoyed many TV shows as much as I usually do this television season, but I think 2 Broke Girls is one of my currents favs.  Grey's Anatomy has been picking back up and getting a little better again over the last season or two as well.  I'm also excited to see the premiere of Smash on Monday and hope it is as good as it looks like it could be.

3. What was your favorite thing that happened in January?  Getting to start the month off with a few days with my husband before he had to return to finish up AIT.

4. What is the best sound in the world to you?  Hearing my dogs snore when they're sleeping always has a way to make me smile.  It's just so cute!  Even cuter is when Kiba is really sound asleep, she'll chirp.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a MilSpouse?  Patience.  This is very much still a work in progress, but having to learn to be patient has been the biggest thing I've had to learn thus far (you know, in my whole 6 months of being a MilSpouse).  I'm very much a detail oriented planner-type person who has very little patience when it comes to the unknown.


  1. Would I be correct in assuming that your cat was not nearly as impressed with the snow as your dog was? ;-) I suspect that my two (indoor) cats would be less than thrilled at the freaky cold stuff.

    1. Most definitely! He very much kept trying his hardest to get back inside to curl up on our warm bed. It must have intrigued him though, as the next time we got snow the following year he actually kept trying to get out the door to investigate it some. He's very curious, but it's got to be on his terms.

  2. Hi Andrea! I'm a new follower and a fellow mili spouse. :) I'm pretty excited to see the premiere of Smash too! I also hope it's as good as the commercials make it look. My dog (ace) snores too, sometimes he snores in sync with my hubby which is hilarious LOL! I've been an Air Force wife for 5 years(this April)and an Air Force girl friend for 2 years and, I'm still learning to have patients LOL! :)

  3. We really do need patience in this life...:)

  4. I agree patience is a must!!!