Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 52: Week 4

Week 4 Theme: Love

Obviously, I chose the theme of love for this past week due to Valentine's Day.  I figure I should have realized it earlier, but it didn't hit me until the week actually arrived how depressing it was to have a theme that just reminded me more that I didn't get to spend this day with my husband.  I suppose that's something I will need to learn to get used to though.


This week's images hold a little more significance than ones in weeks' past.  First is the book "1001 Things to Love About Military Life" -- I am slowly working my way through this book reading a couple items a day.  Second is a card I received from my amazingly thoughtful step-mother-in-law.  The third image is of something the hubby bought for me when I was out visiting him over Thanksgiving.  Knowing my love of monkeys, he picked it up to get for me before I even saw it because he knew I would adore it.  Obviously, I still need to print off a little picture to put inside of the heart.  The final picture is of a frame that my hubby's grandma got for me as a wedding present.  She said that she instantly thought of me when she saw it, and I just love it.

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