Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 52: Week 3

Week 3 Theme: Animals

My four-legged babies are my world (well, after my husband), so needless to say this week's theme was an enjoyable one for me.  I was really hoping that some of the deer that frequently populate my street would be out for me to get some pictures of, but the only time I managed to see one, I did not have my camera on me and it had taken off before I was able to get inside to grab it.


I wish the image of the dogs playing tug-of-war was sharper, but it is really difficult to get good action shots of the dogs playing because they move so fast, so I do still like that I was able to get this picture.  My only real disappointment is the fact that I had to resort to using my iPhone to take all of these pictures this week as the sound of the shutter clicks on my DSLR get my dogs going to the point where it is difficult to get any pictures of them.  Kiba is not a fan of most objects that make noise and will not sit still when she hears the sound of the lens focusing, and Saki just cannot sit still long for much of anything and instead likes to come and try to smell/lick the camera lens, which always results in me having to jerk the camera up so he doesn't actually touch it.

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