Thursday, February 9, 2012

Never Let Your Guard Down

Two weeks ago, my dogs were busy playing in the bedroom and things got a little crazy as they were wrestling on the bed and they ripped a huge hole in our comforter.  I got really upset because I really liked this comforter.  It wasn't exactly anything special, it was just really comfy and had been with me for a while.  Eventually I got over it when I realized that this meant I finally had an excuse to go out and purchase new bedding like I had wanted to do for a while.  I had been holding out on doing this in case we decided to finally upgrade to a larger bed once we eventually move, as a full-size bed with two adults, two dogs, and a cat makes for pretty tight quarters at night that usually results in me sleeping on the very edge of the bed.

So I tossed my almost 8-year old comforter and went out for some corgi mandated retail therapy.  The most difficult part of this shopping process is the fact that my husband prefers either just plain or a plaid pattern for his comforters, whereas I'd rather have something with at least a little bit of detail.  This meant that I had to find a couple different ones that I liked, and then text him pictures of them so he could let me know his pick.

This is what we ended up with.  It has the comforting colors I was looking for with at least a little bit of design to it, plus some contrasting textural elements in the stitching in the blue and white blocks, but is simple enough to please the hubby.

For the first several days I had it on the bed, I was very cautious/worried/paranoid about the dogs and if they would take to the new bedding and try to rip the fluff out of the new comforter like they did with the previous one.  They were pretty good and respectful of it after knowing they had done wrong before, so I let my guard down.

Moral of the story -- never let your guard down with dogs who make it their mission to pull stuffing out of anything they can get their paws on.  Two nights ago, I heard Saki playing in the bedroom, but I assumed (also never assume) that he was just playing with one of their rope toys and didn't think anything of it.  A little while later I entered the room, only to discover this:

Needless to say, I was one very upset mommy to see my brand new comforter had been ripped open and filling had been strewn across the floor.  I've been rather stressed over the last few weeks not having my husband around, and I kind of hit my breaking point upon discovering this mess.  I shut the bedroom door, locked Saki up in his crate in timeout for the rest of the night, and sat down at my computer to play a video game in an attempt to de-stress a little.  I was so stressed and upset, I couldn't be bothered to go to bed at my usual time that night and stayed on my computer until almost 1am while talking with my husband.  At that point I decided I should try to do some damage control so I could go to bed with the piece of mind of knowing that the stuffing would no longer be exposed, left to tempt my other dog during the night as she slept in the bed with me.

After an hour of putting my not-so-stellar sewing skills to work, I ended up with this:

Overall it doesn't look too bad, especially when the corner of the comforter is all the way down along the edge of the bed (rather than pulled slightly up as it is here in the picture), as it grazes the floor.  So unless you actually sit there and pick up the corner of it, you'll never know what had happened.

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