Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Hello, Murphy

This past weekend we had our hottest weekend of the year so far, with temps in the low- to mid-90's outside.  Saturday we actually got all the way up to 95 degrees, and it's still May!  I'm starting to dread what the rest of the summer will bring considering July and August are the hottest months.  Thankfully I'm working on building up my supply of dresses and skirts so I have cooler options to wear :)

So of course since it's been a scorcher out, Murphy decided to visit and my air conditioner died on me Saturday in the middle of the afternoon, at the very beginning of what should have been an enjoyable three-day weekend.  The day started off nicely, with an early wake up phone call from my husband, followed by a nice morning of running errands around town before the stores became too busy, and then an early afternoon visit to the movies.  It was shortly after getting home that I noticed it getting warmer and saw that the temperature and humidity level were both rising inside.

I immediately changed out my air filter, hoping that would fix the problem, even though it wasn't very full.  When that didn't resolve the issue, I was left to sit in my 86 degree apartment and continue to roast with nothing but fans running.  One of the great things about still renting is the fact that I didn't have to worry about the cost to get someone out to fix my system.  I was just afraid I'd have to sit in the hot box of an apartment for the entire rest of the three-day weekend, figuring maintenance wouldn't bother coming out until today at the earliest because of the holiday.

Thankfully, I received a phone call from my management company Sunday afternoon in response to my emergency maintenance request call I placed Saturday night, letting me know they had already contacted their HVAC guys and they would be out sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.  I was beyond elated when they actually showed late Sunday afternoon, and were able to get my system fixed right up.  By the time I went to bed Sunday night, my house was back down to its usual 72/73 degrees and I was able to comfortably cozy up with my pups in bed.

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  1. Glad you got it cooled off! My husband and I are stationed in Germany and they have no central AC here so we have a window unit to heat our apartment. Unfortunately, our bedroom is all the way at the back of thew apt and often does not benefit from the window unit in the dining room. Oh well, another reason to look forward to getting back to the states!