Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Day of "School"

Yesterday my dogs got to go to doggie daycare for the first time and came home with a glowing report card for mommy.

We've never boarded our dogs in the town in which we live.  Usually if we go out of town and will not be bringing the dogs with us, they stay at either my parents' house or with hubby's grandparents.  When I started planning for my trip out of town next week, I had decided that I wanted to board the dogs this time (or have a doggie daycare option to get them out of the house on the day the movers would be here packing up our place, back when we were planning for that).

As we have a tendency to spoil our "kids" and love for them to be pampered, the majority of places around town that offer dog boarding just were not good enough.  The idea of paying someone just to have my dogs locked up in cages/runs all day every day just did not sit well with me.  I then decided it would be worth the extra money to take them to a place in town that offers much more than just traditional boarding.  They offer doggie daycare, dog & cat boarding, a doggie spa, grooming, a dog park, training classes, at-home pet sitting, and also do adoptions.

The great thing about their dog boarding is they offer a few different options, none of which results in my pups being locked up in a chain-linked cage all day.  The one that really appealed to me was their doggie daycare sleepovers, where during the day they get to play with other dogs of their size in a play group, running around as much as they'd like between inside and outside play areas, and then are only ever locked up at meal time, for an hour nap during the middle of the day, and at night for bedtime.  Another great thing about their doggie daycare is they have cameras setup in the play areas for each play group and have a live webcam streaming all day long so you can hop on their website and catch a glimpse of your dogs whenever you want.

In order to have my two considered for doggie daycare sleepovers, or even just regular doggie daycare, I had to bring them in for a temperament test so they could make sure my kids would fit in with their regulars and did not demonstrate any concerning behavior while interacting with the other dogs or with any of the staff.  I'm proud to report that Kiba and Saki came home with a spectacular report card and have officially been accepted to attend doggie daycare whenever we wish!  I spent a lot of my day at work watching the webcam stream to see them playing, and I don't think either one slept for more than maybe 10 minutes during their 8 hour day there.  Needless to say, I had two very exhausted dogs when I brought them home.

Kiba likes to stay close to me while she sleeps...

...while Saki likes to pass out underneath the bed

They managed to muster some energy to come bark at me as I started to blow-dry my hair after my shower, but then soon passed back out

"I'm listening mommy, I promise.... zzzzzz"

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