Friday, March 16, 2012

Promising Friendship

About a week ago I was busy going through a pile of papers and items on my desk trying to find something that I wanted to bring with me on my trip out to see hubby this week.  During my digging, I came across this old fortune I had received many years ago when hubby and I first began dating.

I never take stock in fortunes I receive from cookies, mostly because 99% of them are so random that you have no idea if what they say could actually pan out into anything relevant.  But this one actually meant something to me at the time.

Hubby and I met at work during college and became fast friends, but after about two years he moved 4 hours away to go to pharmacy school.  After he had been there a little over a year, we started talking up a storm again and eventually decided to test the waters and go out on a date.  One night a couple weeks later while getting some dinner with a friend of mine, I received this fortune and immediately tucked it inside of my wallet, with a feeling that there was something to it.  Little did I know at the time that our future would involve him moving back to the town where I live after deciding pharmacy school wasn't for him, finishing up his biology degree at our alma mater, and that our friendship would turn into love that would lead us to getting married and spending forever together.

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