Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project 52: Week 7

Week 7 Theme: Work

This week's theme was a piece of cake, especially for someone who works in an office 40+ hours a week and is surrounded by a plethora of work related items.  So here is a little peek into some of the views I have around me each day in my office.

Folders, files, and binders are frequently scattered across part of my desk in the never ending battle of new people entering my department, my phone rings what seems like 100 times a day (thankfully I get to transfer about 90% of my calls to other people!), post-its & signature stickies are my best friends to take care of processing all of the paperwork I have to do, and my truly awesome life planner helps to keep me organized and my life (both work life & personal life) on track.

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