Monday, May 7, 2012

A Care Package of My Very Own

I managed to last right about four months with my old blog design, which is about twice as long as the ones previous to it.  So here's hoping I can break my record again and make it even longer with this new one!

In more exciting news... hubby has been busy doing a little shopping while on deployment and I should have my own care package from him heading my way soon with some lovely accessories he's bought for me like scarves and jewelry, along with a handmade jewelry box :) Definitely more exciting than the two care packages I've sent to him thus far, and better than the next one I have lined up for him which so far just includes the variety of toothpaste he prefers to use, which they do not have available to purchase at the PX there.

He said he also found a beautifully made marble chess set for us that he fell in love with at first site, some pendants for three of his aunts for Christmas presents, a piece of artwork for his grandma, and dresses for hubby's two little sisters.  At the rate he's going, he'll have all of our Christmas shopping done by the time he finishes up this deployment, which he said last night has actually become a goal of his -- or at least to get a good portion of it complete so that way I have less to do come December.  He's just really liking the idea of getting gifts for everyone that we couldn't necessarily just pick up at a store around here, which I have to agree is pretty cool.

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