Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still Alive

Welcome to all of my new followers!  I really enjoyed Friday's blog hop and getting to "meet" new people and find some new reads.  My budding carpal tunnel wasn't too happy with all of the time I spent typing away and browsing pages on my computer, but thankfully it subsided after a weekend of rest.

I've had a bit of an emotional last several days with some personal issues/demons of mine and am currently working on processing some of my feelings, so hopefully I can begin to feel better and get back to a happier place.

On a (somewhat) happier note, I have decided to end this "I'm still alive after the blog hop" post with a picture of my babies.

This was taken the day my husband left on this deployment.  He was busy checking out of the barracks he was staying in for his TDY at Ft. Bragg, while the dogs and I waited patiently outside.  Saki and Kiba just kept staring at the door as people walked in and out, waiting to see their daddy come back out of the building.  They are both noticeably much happier when they have both of their parents together.

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  1. It is good to get things off your chest and I hope it helps you feel better. :)