Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special Delivery

My day was made yesterday as soon as I pulled into my driveway after work to find a package sitting outside of my door.  I actually squealed when I saw it (and my husband laughed at me on the phone last night when I mentioned the fact that I squealed).  Now, I have been very lucky that my husband has made sure to call or Skype me or send me a quick Facebook message all but one days he's been gone on this deployment thus far.  While it has been hard with him gone, the communication has made this whole thing a million times easier than it could be.  Even if it is just for a few minutes, just getting to hear his voice and having the ability to talk with him, laugh with him, or even cry to him is amazing!  However, there was just something extra special about receiving a package from him.  I think it kind of brings back memories of receiving letters from him while he was in basic, just knowing that I was receiving something that he had just touched.  It just kind of adds a little personal connection to make the distance seem like it isn't as much.

I had mentioned previously that I already knew I had something heading my way full of items hubby has purchased -- I just didn't think it would take nearly as long to receive it as it did.  All of the care packages I've sent out so far have each taken just 6 days to reach my husband, so I was a little surprised when the 6-10 day delivery window they had told my husband for the priority mailing shipment turned into 13 days (he started getting really nervous when last Friday came & went and it hadn't been delivered).  But it's okay because I still received it :)

The box more or less exploded open when I cut the packing tape, as hubby stuffed so many items inside of it.  And he actually ended up using the box that I used for sending him his first care package.  I was pretty impressed with the condition of the box having made it half-way across the world and back!

He got some traditional outfits for his 5- & 7-year old little sisters, a jewelry box for me, and some cross pendents for his aunts.

Hubby asked me if I wanted him to purchase me any traditional clothing, but I told him that I would rather he just get me things I would actually use or wear on a more regular basis, or nice decorations for the home.  So he's been busy purchasing accessories for me and in this box he included some jewelry & cashmere scarves :)

Blue Fire Opal earrings & necklace

Also included was an outfit that he bought for himself that he said will be useful when doing training exercises in the future, and a copy of GQ magazine that he picked up there because it has Mila Kunis on the cover and we have a thing going between us about how we both think she's hot.


  1. beautiful!!! lucky girl! I hardly ever got actual packages from my husband! that jewlery is amazing!

  2. Oh WOW I LOVE the opal jewelry! Opals are my all time favorite :) What an exciting end to your work day!